Report on the Post-Bali UN Sharing Seminar on 18th of Feb

If you miss out the seminar, don’t worry, here is a report about it and there are resources for you to download!

The lecture room at T4, Ming-Hua Complex was half full and the atmosphere was full of energy of youth. Due to technical problems, we started late. All the Bali delegates got very excited as we have been preparing for this for a long time.

Amy made a breath-taking slide show with very motivating music which captures how we pursuit our objectives in Bali, one of which, of course, was to join the global youth movement.  However, the school computer was not up-to-date to finish playing it which was a real pity.

Bo talked about the impact and mechanism about Climate Change, followed by Serena’s talk about roles of the Green Advocates (nickname of student Bali delegates). She also showed the video clip she made showing the objectives of HKCCC as well as clearing some major misconceptions about climate change.

Friedrich then talked about the actual negotiation that was going on at the Bali Conference and the Bali roadmap which showed agreement to negotiate on further agreement.

Ivy and Cynthiana then talked about their interview with the Chinese Delegate.

Gerald finished by talking about the coming Asian-Pacific Youth Summit in July 2007 at HKU.

After the talk, the delegates engaged with the newly appointed sustainability officer, Ann Kildahi. Her energy and desire in collaborating with us and seeking our ideas inspired us for more actions.

Thank you very much for everyone who took out their time and supported our efforts by coming on that day.

Personally, I knew many enthusiastic individuals were not able to attend the meeting due to clash with lectures. So I will do my best to upload the information released during that seminar. More will be coming over time.

Here are some resouces for those who missed it:


  the power point and speech transcript will be uploaded shortly

~ 由 serenaweiwei 於 二月 21, 2008.


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